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We are currently actively hiring for:

  • Data Scientist

    As a data scientist at STACC, your main task will be performimg statistical analyzes and applying best practices and machine learning methods of data mining and data science in effective collaboration with our data engineers and development team.

  • Python developer/data engineer

    If you speak Python and want to be in the epicenter of AI innovation in Estonia, then STACC is the best place! We have a mile-long list of cool AI projects to show. We have developed some of the most innovative and exciting AI-powered solutions for startups like FoodDocs, Eurora, E-Agronom, Plumbr, ZeroTurnaround, Skype. Our machine learning solutions range from e-Government’s Kratt program to personal recommendation systems for Kaubamaja, COOP, or Rahva Raamat, from NLP solutions for media monitoring to personalized medicine applications. Just name it!