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We used AI to make X-Road services even better! The Information System Authority (RIA) is a national competence center that shapes and secures the foundations of the Estonian information society.

The main responsibility is to develop and manage central e-government infrastructure services and to ensure the state’s cyber security. RIA develops and manages secure data exchange between different institutions (X-Road, document exchange), an overview of state information systems and data (RIHA), the use of electronic identity, operation and protection of state internet network, the organization of e-elections, activities of state portal eesti.ee and ID-card user support jobs.

What did we solve?

The RIA did not have sufficient overview or specific knowledge of how X-Road is used and what kind of errors and anomalies occur in its use.

How did we solve it?

STACC developed a Python-based framework that preprocesses X-Road logs, compiles and distributes usage reports to the members, displays anomalies based on the moving average as well as anonymizes and publishes log data as open data.

What were the benefits?

The RIA has an overview of which institutions and how X-Roads are used. The system is able to guide users based on anomalies and it complies with the requirements of public sector open data.

The cooperation, its intensity and quality were at a very high level and it continues to be a role model for other (RIA) projects. STACC’s participants took part in the project actively, presented their proposals for additional functionalities that were suitable with the project’s schedule and budget. I feel happy and recommend it!

Toomas Mölder, project manager at RIA