Fund your project with STACC, the best machine learning and AI service provider for Estonian startup companies

Apply to work with us within the EAS Applied Research program to get up to 80% financing for your key projects from €100,000 to €150,000.

Develop innovative products

All sizes of companies can apply

Why partner with us?

Our portfolio contains successful data science and ML projects with many Estonian startups: FoodDocs, E-Agronom, Messente Communications, Balti Meediamonitooringu Grupp, Mifundo, MS Skype, Zeroturnaround, Reach-U, Wise, Plumbr, KappaZeta, Texta. STACC has enhanced the core technology of these companies with ML and data analytics capabilities.

We can help you get 70% funding for:

  • Conducting applied research
  • Product or service development
  • Conducting a feasibility study
  • Primary protection of intellectual property

We help farmers generate additional revenue streams and access better financing.

Data analytics for optimizing agricultural monitoring.

We helped automate digital food safety management.

Work with the partner of 2 Estonian Unicorns

It is not just the superb technology we provide, but we also help get R&D funding from Enterprise Estonia (EAS). In the last two years, STACC has helped write proposals in the amount of 3.2M EUR and accomplished projects in the amount of 2,15M EUR. Our success rate with the applications has been close to 100%!

The Enterprise Estonia funding in the application round for small projects in the Applied Research Program ranges from 100K EUR to 150K EUR and is meant for developing innovative technology, products, or services, protecting intellectual property and learning about technological feasibility.

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STACC provides the following services:

  • Requirements engineering
  • Technical feasibility studies
  • Data analysis
  • Machine learning models and algorithms development
  • Data pipelines and infrastructure that feeds machine learning
  • AI analytics
  • Data visualization and interactive Dashboards

We help you write a successful development plan, secure funding, and then deliver on our promises. Contact us, and let’s discuss your needs and funding opportunities

Our proven approach

“STACC has been a Coop partner in developing different recommendation system solutions. What we value most in this cooperation is the enthusiasm and creativity of the team at STACC. We recommend STACC if you need help with building AI or machine learning solutions for your enterprise!”

Maarika Haavistu, Ecommerce development at Coop Estonia

“The cooperation, its intensity and quality were at a very high level and it continues to be a role model for other (RIA) projects. STACC’s participants took part in the project actively, presented their proposals for additional functionalities that were suitable with the project’s schedule and budget. I feel happy and recommend it!“

Toomas Möder, project manager at RIA

“Cooperation with STACC was very beneficial by virtue of the high level of specialists working there. Of course, I also have to mention the background structures that strongly contributed to the smoothest possible process.”

Raul Sirel, co-founder of TEXTA

AI creates plays: How did STACC make robots to write, and act plays inspired by Chekhov?

Did you know that robots aren’t just made for scrubbing the floors and other types of dirty work? They can be used to do lots of other exciting things, like theatre. To break the cult of robots scrubbing floors and mowing lawns, MEDIT researcher Liina Keevallik took it upon herself to do something particularly cultural and beautiful with robots – robot theatre.