Masterclass for company executives

In the AI masterclass, leading data scientists from STACC and company executives and employees analyze when and which business challenges AI could solve to create value. By the end of the masterclass, we complete the company’s initial AI implementation roadmap and cost-benefit analysis.

How to bring AI to the company?

How to increase profitability with AI?

How to evaluate the profitability of AI?

Does AI increase company profitability?

AI (Artificial Intelligence) is a software tool that can perform specific tasks using enormous amounts of data and mathematical algorithms. Artificial intelligence finds patterns in the data and makes predictions and decisions based on them.

AI can provide greater efficiency in various work processes and increase profitability. For example, AI can optimize production, predict demand and inventory levels, analyze market data, improve quality control, and detect potential issues and deviations in the production process. In the master class, we will find the answer together whether AI could increase profitability in your company as well.

How we get there:

  • We identify the primary business challenges with company executives.
  • We familiarize ourselves with your company’s data and business processes.
  • We introduce industry best practices.
  • We learn from your company’s and competitors’ experiences.
  • We explain the reliability of AI.
  • We run a brainstorming session to evaluate the profitability of AI.
  • We present the results to the executives.


  • Preparatory meet up with company executives.
  • Familiarization with data and business management: 4 hours.
  • Collaboration session at the company: 3 hours (including a stretch break).
  • Presentation of the AI implementation plan to company executives: 1 hour.

Language: Estonian or English

Location: The masterclass takes place at your chosen time and location

Price: 900 euros + VAT

Find out if AI is a profitability tool for your company too!

Our proven approach

“STACC has been a Coop partner in developing different recommendation system solutions. What we value most in this cooperation is the enthusiasm and creativity of the team at STACC. We recommend STACC if you need help with building AI or machine learning solutions for your enterprise!” 

Maarika Haavistu, Ecommerce development at Coop Estonia

“The cooperation, its intensity and quality were at a very high level and it continues to be a role model for other (RIA) projects. STACC’s participants took part in the project actively, presented their proposals for additional functionalities that were suitable with the project’s schedule and budget. I feel happy and recommend it!“

Toomas Möder, project manager at RIA

“In the field of art, it is often not possible to collaborate with professional IT people. It is an extremely mind-broadening experience. Additionally, STACC’s employees Karl-Oskar Masing and Dage Särg are extremely enthusiastic and creative partners. I look forward to the first performance of our common artificial intelligence on the stage.”

Liina Keevallik, theater artist at MEDIT