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    STACC designs information system architecture for Estonian Personalized Medicine

    STACC is carrying out a development study on information system architecture for implementing personalized medicine in Estonia. Together with the Ministry of Social Affairs, University of Tartu and Quretec OÜ a strategy for personalized medicine pilot projects will be drawn up by the end of June 2015. Three parallel projects about Clinical Treatment, Decision Support

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    Demograft’s project presented in “Kapital”, business broadcast on ETV

    On 26th of February 2015 a sequent episode of Kapital was aired in ETV. In the mentioned episode they investigated what kind of data is left behind by our everyday devices. STACC and Regio introduced their joint project called Demograft and it`s possibilities in using the data gained from mobile positioning. Watch Democraft presentation starting

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    STACC develops text mining toolkit for health records

    STACC received funding from the National Programme for Estonian Language Technology to develop a fully functional text mining toolkit to make sense of vast amounts of free-text data in the electronic health records. The project is derived from STACC’s long-run research stream in Biomedical Data Mining.

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    Copernicus Urban Development Analyser (CUDA) won Vega Fond scholarship

    Copernicus Urban Development Analyser (CUDA) project, led by our scientist Kaupo Voormansik, won the biggest scholarship from Vega Fond. CUDA (Copernicus Urban Development Analyser) is an integrated service for monitoring urban growth and related processes by combining satellite monitoring with anonymous mobile positioning service (MPS). CUDA proposal already won the DLR Environmental Challenge in 2013

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    STACC is developing innovative satellite and MPS based system for monitoring urbanization

    STACC in cooperation with Tartu Observatory and our international partners is developing CUDA – a complex information system for monitoring urbanization on global scale. CUDA uses Copernicus Sentinel satellite data for mapping infrastructure changes and anonymous mobile positioning data for mapping population and demographic processes. Information and statistics derived with CUDA is a useful input

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