We are happy to announce that STACC was chosen as one of the 6 centers that will get financing from the „Measure for technological development centres for the period 2014–2020“. The purpose of the project is to turn STACC into a leading R&D organisation where companies can access expertise in (big) data analytics and co-develop visionary technology products.
During the new funding period we are looking to be working with +25 partners on 4 strategic development areas:
1) Data Analytics for Software and Systems Optimization: we develop and apply data analytics methods to identify optimization opportunities in large-scale software-intensive systems;
2) Spatio-Temporal Data Analytics: data analytics of spatio-temporal data collected through GIS, LBS, GPS devices, web traffic information;
3) Big Data and Security;
4) E-Health and Personalised Medicine: big data analytics across a vast body of digital healthcare information.
We will be looking for new partners on an ongoing bases!