A weekend full of hacking @Junction 2019

The Junction journey of our team – Maksym, Raul, Christian, Carlos and me, Eerik – began actually on the 12th of September in Spark Hub, Tartu at an event called Tech Race Tartu. Tech Race Europe is a hackathon event touring through cities around Europe and as it`s meant for everyone regardless of their skillset

How to get started with machine learning?

We can think of machine learning as a future topic, but due to the increasing volumes of data, it is already tightly connected with our everyday life. Implementation of machine learning has potential benefits in every (management) area where large volumes of data are involved. Today, and even more in the future, a manager who

Extract a feature vector for any image with PyTorch

By Christian Safka, Data Scientist at STACC In this tutorial we will convert images to vectors, and test the quality of our vectors with cosine similarity. The full project can be found here. What is a feature vector? What I am calling a ‘feature vector’ is simply a list of numbers taken from the output

Tasks for a data scientist

You have to solve two data science tasks and send the results for evaluation. Tools: Python + Jupyter notebook + libraries on your choice MS Word or Google Sheets The results must be sent as two files: Rmarkdown | Jupyter notebook file with code and comments MS Word file (can be converted also from Google

delta maja


Are you looking for an internship or thesis topics? Great! In order to apply, send your resume (or link to your github account) and your solution for at least one of the following puzzles. 1. The Tile Challenge Data can be messy! The ability to organize pieces of information to get useful insights is essential