STACC is looking for a data engineer

STACC is looking for a data engineer

Are you a terrific Data Engineer?
If yes, you should work at STACC!

The data science company STACC knows how to profit from data. For over 10 years, our engineers and analysts have helped our clients to identify dozens of data-driven opportunities for maximizing their outcome. STACC has also made a significant contribution to the development of the artificial intelligence field in Estonia. By skilfully using machine learning and data from different business sectors we are mainly dealing with:

  • Data Analytics for Software and Systems Optimization: we develop and apply data analytics methods to identify optimization opportunities in large-scale software-intensive systems;
  • Spatio-Temporal Data Analytics: data analytics of spatio-temporal data collected through GIS, LBS, GPS devices, web traffic information;
  • Big Data and Security;
  • E-Health and Personalized Medicine: big data analytics across a vast body of digital healthcare information.

STACC`s team consists of 40 data enthusiasts who work in small development teams to switch between the challenges and exciting projects! We prefer to solve problems that really make difference for our clients and are fun for us as well.
Our office is located right at the new heart of entrepreneurship and science – University of Tartu`s Delta Centre.
As a Data Engineer at STACC you will ensure that day-to-day data flows run smoothly and collaborate with data scientists and application development teams to understand their needs providing support when and where needed. Besides that you will:

  • Build and maintain RESTful APIs around our ML models.
  • Build data pipelines and microservices (Docker).
  • Build and scale services in a cloud environment.
  • Orchestrate ML workflows (Apache Airflow) and automate services deployment.
  • Evaluate and optimize the performance of infrastructure and applications
  • Create and manage databases.

In order to succeed as a Data Engineer you need to have hands-on experience:

  • In designing, deploying and monitoring production environments.
  • In building and optimizing data pipelines.
  • In automating and integrating new solutions with existing infrastructure (e.g. Ansible).
  • With cloud platforms (preferably AWS).
  • With open source web servers (e.g. Nginx or Apache) and databases (e.g. Postgres, MongoDB, Mysql).
  • With Linux environment.
  • With one or more job scheduler systems, such as Airflow or Luigi.
  • With one or more mainstream programming languages, such as Python, C, C++, Java, Go, etc.

To be a perfect match for STACC we expect you to:

  • Like to play board games. A lot. Oh, and Monopoly doesn’t count!
  • Use rubber ducks when debugging and like pair programming.
  • Be an outgoing team player and see the big picture!
  • Think outside the box and dare to take initiative.
  • Be open minded, reliable and witty.
  • Be an AWSome Python Ninja!
  • Have a business oriented, analytical, and problem-solving mindset.
  • Have a Master`s degree and a minimum of 2 years of related experience.

In case you find our job offer exciting and wish to apply, please make a 1 min selfie-video where you talk about why you`d like to work with us and why are you most suitable candidate.

If you wish to earn some extra credit to your application try to solve one or all of the challenges at our Careers page.
Please send us your CV, video link (e.g. DropBox, Google Drive, Youtube, WeTransfer etc) and answers/solutions of the challenges to