Karl Kevin – diving into the data world with STACC

Karl Kevin – diving into the data world with STACC

I was nervous when I first embarked on my journey at STACC. Joining such a reputable company without professional experience in Python or large-scale, dynamic data pipelines felt like stepping into uncharted territory. However, my apprehensions were quickly dispelled as I experienced the warmth of the welcome, the thoroughness of the introduction, and the immediate opportunity to dive into hands-on work. It didn’t take long for me to realize that STACC was not just a workplace but a supportive environment where learning and growth were encouraged at every turn. 

What distinguishes STACC is its dynamic clientele spanning prominent sectors like electricity and retail, where we collaborate with industry leaders to develop innovative solutions. Unlike repetitive routines, every task at STACC feels meaningful, instilling a sense of purpose and value in our work.

One of the most appealing aspects of STACC is the stimulating environment within the University of Tartu Delta building. This proximity facilitates integration for students managing work and academics and fosters a vibrant atmosphere for collaboration and learning. Embracing cutting-edge technologies and continually pushing boundaries, STACC offers an ideal platform for professional growth and exploration. Whether refining technical skills or exploring new methodologies, the opportunities for advancement are plentiful.

Furthermore, the close-knit bond among colleagues at STACC is genuinely remarkable. From engaging team-building events to casual gatherings, the sense of community creates a supportive and inclusive culture. Beyond work, the active lifestyle promoted within the company resonates strongly with me as a sports enthusiast. The lively community promotes physical well-being and fosters lasting connections beyond office hours as we prepare for the Tipust Topini running competition (for which we may or may not have an available spot in case anyone joining is interested 😉), the spirit of teamwork and companionship embodies the essence of STACC. In this place, professional excellence meets personal fulfillment.

In addition to the vibrant work culture, STACC offers an array of perks that enhance the overall experience. The abundance of snacks and a top-notch coffee machine keep energy levels high, while the convenience of the office location makes it ideal for those completing their studies. Moreover, the emphasis on continuous learning ensures that every team member stays ahead of the curve, making each day at STACC fulfilling and intellectually stimulating.

In conclusion, I recommend that anyone seeking a dynamic and rewarding career in data science consider joining STACC. The combination of impactful work, supportive colleagues, and a refreshing environment makes it an unparalleled place to grow personally and professionally. For those eager to kickstart their journey in the field, STACC is currently seeking passionate data science interns who are ready to embark on an exciting adventure of innovation and discovery. Join us at STACC, where every day brings new possibilities and opportunities for growth.