Karl Kevin – diving into the data world with STACC

I was nervous when I first embarked on my journey at STACC. Joining such a reputable company without professional experience in Python or large-scale, dynamic data pipelines felt like stepping into uncharted territory. However, my apprehensions were quickly dispelled as I experienced the warmth of the welcome, the thoroughness of the introduction, and the immediate

How did STACC help Selver make Supply Chain Management more efficient?

The advances in information technology allow people to develop accurate machine learning models that can learn from collected data. The application of such models helps to predict the demand for various products, such as goods sold in grocery stores. Retail chains sell a wide range of products which are ordered using different algorithms. One of

AI creates plays: How did STACC make robots to write, and act plays inspired by Chekhov?

Did you know that robots aren’t just made for scrubbing the floors and other types of dirty work? They can be used to do lots of other exciting things, like theatre. To break the cult of robots scrubbing floors and mowing lawns, MEDITA researcher Liina Keevallik took it upon herself to do something particularly cultural and beautiful with robots – robot theatre.