Does AI increase company profitability?

Masterclass for company executives AI (Artificial Intelligence) is a software tool that can perform specific tasks using enormous amounts of data and mathematical algorithms. Artificial intelligence finds patterns in the data and makes predictions and decisions based on them. AI can provide greater efficiency in various work processes and increase profitability. For example, AI can

What flies but is not a bird – artificial intelligence ‘Folli’ sees and knows

Artificial intelligence systems, known as ‘kratt’* in Estonian, are revolutionizing the way people tackle big, data-intensive, and repetitive tasks by providing faster and easier solutions. The government has a major role in developing these systems, as AI is increasingly being deployed in diverse areas. Estonia’s Heritage Board is one of the cultural institutions that recognizes

Andreas – Starting my career in STACC

I’d already had an interest in data science for multiple years when I graduated from a computer science Bachelor’s program. I took all the relevant Bachelor-level courses available and learned a bit on my own as well. So naturally, once I graduated, I started looking for a job as a data engineer or data scientist.

Lotta-Lorette – Mathematical statistics student with a clear goal!

Even before starting my studies as a Mathematical Statistics student, I had a clear goal in mind – to get an internship as early as possible. My aim was to become a Data Scientist, and my school program focused mainly on theoretical mathematics skills and statistical methods. Still, an internship would provide me with an

Renewable energy solutions – investment or cost for your clients?

Rocketing energy prices and growing energy security concerns have grown the interest in solar and wind production immensely. ROI calculations of these investments rely on a robust assessment of production outcomes and historical energy price data without any realistic outlook to future.  Production of renewable energy relies on uncontrollable weather conditions. Incorrect production estimates cause

Trading on the flexibility market

Rising energy consumption globally is leading to increased demand for renewable energy sources. Efforts to replace fossil fuels with renewables raise numerous issues – high energy prices, the complexity of selling to the grid for renewable energy producers, and increasing frequency volatility in the grid. This instability is largely caused by the unpredictable nature of

Do energy efficiency solutions save the world?

In recent years, issues surrounding energy consumption and production have become an important matter for all of us. Optimizing energy consumption is not only beneficial for our budget, but also for the environment. Simple practices such as turning off lights when leaving the house or office are a step in the right direction. To truly make

How did STACC help Selver make Supply Chain Management more efficient?

The advances in information technology allow people to develop accurate machine learning models that can learn from collected data. The application of such models helps to predict the demand for various products, such as goods sold in grocery stores. Retail chains sell a wide range of products which are ordered using different algorithms. One of

How did a physicist become a data scientist?

In spring 2019, I was finishing up my bachelor studies at the physics institute of Tartu University. At the time, I was trying to figure out my next steps in life. I had a short-term plan assigned to me by the Estonian Defense Forces – 11 months of military service, but I lacked a longer