National Heritage Board

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The National Heritage Board is a government agency operating in the area of government of the Ministry of Culture, which represents the state in the performance of its duties. The main task of the The National Heritage Board is to organize heritage protection work, exercise state supervision over monuments and heritage conservation areas, maintain a state register of cultural monuments and review applications for the export of cultural property. It also takes care of the appreciation and preservation of cultural heritage, including the culturally valuable environment, for future generations.

What did we solve?

The National Heritage Board prepared a development project for the common storage facilities of museums, for which it was necessary to find out the distribution and dimensions of the storage facilities based on the objects stored by the museums.

How did we solve it?

STACC performed an analysis based on the data entered into the museum information system called MuIS. The analysis provided an overview of the materials, its dimensions and the number of objects planned for the repositories. In addition, it helped to get a better overview of the quality of the data.

What were the benefits?

The results of the performed data analysis were a useful input for the National Heritage Board in planning the layouts, which were supposed to be distributed based on the materials of the museums and the distinctiveness of their preservation conditions.