Solar Energy Predictions: Illuminating Tomorrow’s Energy Landscape

In the quest for a cleaner, greener future, the ability to predict solar panel production allows us to manage energy balance more accurately and efficiently. In Estonia, solar energy contributes around 7% to total energy production in 2022, and the momentum is growing. As the world pivots towards sustainable solutions, accurately forecasting solar energy becomes

Video article: “Personalized optimization in electric power system”

The recent Data Science seminar on Sustainable Development featured a presentation by our data scientist, Arko Kesküla, titled “Personalized Optimization in Electric Power Systems.” This presentation highlighted the integration of data science into energy management, offering potential enhancements in electricity consumption. The talk discussed advancements in the field and the possibilities for individuals and communities

AI masterclass for company executives

Does AI increase company profitability? AI (Artificial Intelligence) is a software tool that can perform specific tasks using enormous amounts of data and mathematical algorithms. Artificial intelligence finds patterns in the data and makes predictions and decisions based on them. AI can provide greater efficiency in various work processes and increase profitability. For example, AI