Software developer/data engineer (Python)

If you speak Python and want to be in the epicenter of AI innovation in Estonia, then STACC is the best place! We have a mile-long list of cool AI projects to show. We have developed some of the most innovative and exciting AI-powered solutions for startups like FoodDocs, Eurora, E-Agronom, Plumbr, ZeroTurnaround, Skype. Our machine learning solutions range from e-Government’s Kratt program to personal recommendation systems for Kaubamaja, COOP, or Rahva Raamat, from NLP solutions for media monitoring to personalized medicine applications. Just name it!
As a data engineer at STACC, you have the ownership to design, build and maintain the data infrastructure that feeds ML and AI analytics. Your daily activities can include building RESTful APIs in Python (Flask, Django), building and scaling services in the cloud environment (Docker, AWS), orchestrating ML workflows (Apache Airflow), automating infrastructure deployment and administration (Terraform, Ansible), managing databases (Postgres, MongoDB), etc.
If you don’t know all of the above, then don’t worry. More important is motivation to learn as well as an analytical and problem-solving mindset. Our team of 30+ data people will support your personal growth in all aspects. We use agile development methods, pair programming, and regular knowledge transfer sessions via a unique and playful format called “Hunger Games”.
STACC is known to make you feel like home. Our team of 30+ data professionals consists of young and energetic people who like to spend time outside the work hours. There are always some fun happenings going on: daily health minutes, baking on Fridays in our fully equipped kitchen, guitar jamming sessions, and board game nights are just a little peek into our social life here in STACC.
Our modern and cozy office is located at the Delta building, right in the Tartu city center next to the river. If you prefer to work remotely from home, it is supported! We also offer sports compensation, frequent team events, and motivating performance-related pay.
We are happy to get your CV, LinkedIn, or Github profile.
To apply, please send your CV to by 30th of August 2021 at the latest.
More information: Karis Meister,